Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google Summer of Code' 07

heeee haaaa huuuuu

I got into Google Summer of Code!! :-) :-) :-)

A BIG thanks to the SIP Communicator community(yeah! am now a part of it :D)

Last year, I came to know about GSoC after its deadline for submission of application was over and was very disappointed. But this time I did stick to the deadlines and luckily was accepted by the SIP Communicator community.

Am desperate to start working on the project from this very moment with my mentor Pavel Tankov,
but alas the end semester exams begin day after tomorrow and I need to study hard to get decent grades :(

anyhow I will be back on track after the current semester exams ends on 4th May' 07

Lastly, a big thanks to Emil Ivov for his highly encouraging initial reply, which gave me confidence on my project application

I look forward to a very exciting summers with the SC community.

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